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Husbands for Hire® is a nationally registered trademark. We are not a franchise or a public corporation. Each office is individually owned under a license agreement. If you are interested in becoming a Husbands for Hire® licensee, please call or email us.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about our company:

1. Why should I purchase a Husbands for Hire® license, rather than another handyman service?

Answer: We are not a franchise; therefore we do not take a percentage of your hard earned profits. We do not impose a mandatory spending amount on you for accessories, vehicles, clothing or tools. You can be up and running your business tomorrow with a small initial investment.

* * *

2. Why purchase a Husbands for Hire® license rather than start my own company?

Answer: By purchasing a Husbands for Hire® license, we do the groundwork for you. We’ll show you how to:

Advertise and market your business
Hire and train new employees
Keep proper accounting records
Obtain leads through our headquarters advertising
Our website will give direct access to your individual company

* * *

3. How much will a license cost? Are there costs involved?

Answer: Husbands for Hire® grants licenses for geographic territories. The minimum territory consists of three contiguous towns. The cost for each town varies from state to state. Costs range from $2,000.00 per town per year to $25,000.00 per city per year.

Other costs associated with running your own handyman business are:

a. Tools – Once you become a Husbands for Hire® licensee, our professionals will supply you with a list of most frequently used tools and recommended manufacturers. Again, this list is only a suggestion as you will make the final decision on the type and quantity of tools you need to run YOUR business.

b. Advertising – Advertising costs vary in each area. We will supply you with a listing of the most effective advertising mediums.

c. Insurance – General Liability Insurance is mandatory for all Husbands for Hire® licensees. Homeowners are always concerned about what happens if something is accidentally broken in their home. Our company prides itself on being fully insured. Workers Compensation Insurance is mandatory when you take on additional employees.

d. Vehicles – Yes, you can run a handyman service from your family vehicle. However, as your company grows, you’ll find that the purchase of a truck and/or van will greatly improve your efficiency.

e. Computer software – Since we’re not a franchise, we don’t need the ability to tap into YOUR company records. We therefore do not have a computer network service. Software packages such as Quicken® and Quick Books® will work just fine for your needs.

* * *

4. What if I need help?

Answer: Husbands for Hire® does not require that you spend your hard earned money to attend company training seminars, the way some other handyman franchises do. However, we are not going to just hand you a license and leave you on your own to solve your problems either. We do hold training sessions that you are welcome to attend, but are not required to do so. For instance, if you are a retired wallpaper hanger and we are holding a wallpapering training class, you probably don’t want to take the time to attend. However, you may be more interested in attending a training class on decorative painting techniques. The choice is yours. We offer training seminars and let you decide if it is beneficial for you to attend.

Husbands for Hire® also provides one-on-one personalized training once you become a licensee and decide which areas you need assistance in. We have a reputation for providing quality service to our customers and we want to make sure that our licensees do the same.

and the Husbands For Hire® logo are trademarks of Husbands For Hire, Home Improvement Services, LLC. Reg. USPTO
Husbands For Hire® is a fully insured corporation.
44 Violette Circle, Northbridge, Massachusetts 01534
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